Chicago boudoir photography – How to perfect boudoir poses

Chicago boudoir photography

How to Perfect Your Boudoir Poses

One of the most common fears my ladies have is worrying about the different boudoir poses. Ladies fear that they will do them wrong and look awkward. But I want to assure you that there is no reason to have this fear. If you feel uncertain or uncomfortable, I will be there to guide you through the entire shoot. From the moment you book your session my goal will be making you feel comfortable. Before your session, we will go over what parts of your body you love and which features you want to highlight over others through a questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, you will be able to express all your questions and concerns, and I will get the chance to know you better and understand your vision.

Getting Comfortable with Poses

The process of getting to know you better will also help me figure out how to pose you in a way that fits into your comfort zone. I will tailor my expertise in posing to what I feel will best suit you and your vision for your shoot. From here all you have to do is watch me. I will show you how to do the poses, and then you will mimic what I do. I know the poses might feel silly or weird, but they look great and make for modelesque photos. The way we naturally stand or sit doesn’t necessarily make for the best pictures, but with the help of small adjustments and slight movements, we can make a huge difference.

Equally as important, try to relax as much as possible. I know the experience can be quite nerve wrecking and make you feel anxious. It’s very natural for your body to respond to this and embody those emotions. We can shift these nerves you are feeling by using your core muscles, to create a length in your frame.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re still a little nervous about how your body will move throughout the shoot, try practicing at home before your empowering day. Below are a few tips I will be giving you throughout the shoot.  But, I am giving them to you now so you will get the chance to practice and perfect beforehand. The more you practice these movements, the more natural they will feel.

Tip #1: Always try to create distance throughout your body. You can create this distance by elongating your neck to form length and structure in the face or creating space between the arms and torso to slim the body. Another simple way of doing this is by improving your posture. Try imagining a string pulling your head towards the ceiling and rotate your shoulders back.

Tip #2: Try to stay relaxed throughout the body, keeping your hands and feet in slight, gentle movements. Doing so will help make sure you don’t clench or tighten your fingers or toes.

Additional Tips

I also want to emphasize the need for a little physical fitness before your shoot. I’m not suggesting anything too rigorous, just a few easy workouts to engage the core and muscles throughout the body. During the shoot, there will be times when I ask you to suck in to help lengthen your torso and add to your figure. This pose might make you want to use your breath in order to suck. However, it will require you to use your core muscles and focus on engaging your abdominal area. That is why I suggest doing a couple of workouts that will help you learn to engage the core.

The same thing goes for your muscles. Throughout your shoot, I will ask you to do a lot of bending and arching of the body. With this in mind, I find it necessary that you stretch that way your body will not cramp up or tighten during the poses.

Have Fun!

The last thing is to remember that it is okay to laugh! Laughing is natural and versatile. It can be sexy, sweet, flirtatious, and innocent all at once. I want you to have fun during your shoot and feel comfortable in any way you see fit. To help, I will be playing some of your favorite music that we can dance to and use to play around with poses. Again, your questionnaire will help me help you through this shoot. This experience is your day, and I will go along with whatever will help you feel more secure and confident in your body.

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